Welcome to Turramurra Bowling Club

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest club on the North Shore and invite you to visit us and put our claim to the test!

If you're thinking about taking up Lawn Bowls then our coaches will be delighted to introduce you to the game and we'll supply the bowls to get you started. You do not have to wear any kind of uniform - however, we do ask that you wear flat soled, heel-less shoes.

Lawn bowls is a fabulous game and vastly under-rated. It's challenging whilst at the same time good fun. Any bowler will tell you they wished they'd taken up the sport years earlier than they did. Happily though, more and more young people are embracing the game and extremely glad that they have. It is interesting to note that the average age of the Australian Bowls Team is less than that of the Australian Cricket Team. So why not 'get on the green'?

Call Charles Skelly on (02) 9144 2800 or email gm@clubturramurra.com.au and let's set a time that's convenient for you to get started. We guarantee that you'll enjoy Lawn Bowls!

lawn bowls - a game for all ages


Turramurra Bowling Club Limited
181 Bobbin Head Road
Turramurra  NSW  2074  Australia
ABN 68 000 106 936
Tel: 02 9144 2800  Fax: 02 9440 8604
Email: secretary@clubturramurra.com.au





Put your name down now for our Christmas Dinner on Saturday 9th December at 7 for 7.30pm. A bargain at $35 per head for a delicious ham and prawn buffet plus dessert.

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Come along to the Club on Sunday 26th November 3-5pm and enjoy a few drinks while being entertained by the very talented Dave Williamson.

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We are collecting new gifts, suitable for any age - child to adult, male or female - that will be donated to The Salvation Army. The gifts can be left at the Christmas Tree on the stage but please DO NOT WRAP the gifts.

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Eight teams participated on the day with the ultimate winner being Gordon Women's Bowling Club - a first time win for them in this competition!

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