TBCL - 2002 To Date

What a great legacy we have inherited – a financially sound small club business, supporting the great game of lawn bowls.

An interesting aspect of TBC is the way in which it has emerged as a hub of the community. Our members remain rightfully proud of our ongoing and impressive contributions to charity and local sporting organisations. In addition we continue to provide our facilities, at very reasonable costs, to community oriented organisations including the Lions Club of Ku-ring-gai, six local Probus Clubs plus Bridge Today. 

The principal challenges are readily apparent, ie:

1.         Grow the business.
2.         Maintain our clubhouse, greens and surrounds, at least to the standards inherited.
3.         Grow the membership base with particular emphasis on the bowling category, a difficult task considering our location plus the apparent decline throughout the state of the game’s popularity.
4.         Diversify our business strategies in an effort to overcome the loss in gaming revenue resulting from the smoking ban followed by the downturn in the economy.

2004 – We made a change with our greenkeeper. The cost in running our greens with a fully paid staff member was becoming far too restrictive and expensive, and the Board decided that we would be better off with a contract greenkeeper. Our No. 2 green was “lowered” with the cost of renovation, including drainage, $25,273.

2004/2005 saw some major upgrades to our clubhouse including a “Glycol” Bar System ($29,450), two new air-conditioning units in the main auditorium ($25,100), new flooring in the lower lounge, new carpet to the whole club ($65,700) and interior painting making our club more comfortable and attractive to all users. The cost of the work was held within budget and without borrowings.

2005 – This was the first year of the reduction in numbers of the Board of Directors of the club from 14 to 9.

2006 - The Board decided to upgrade the Secretary/Manager position and appointed Geoff Hamilton as CEO from 1st May 2006. This part time paid position embraces many more duties than previously carried out by the Secretary/Manager. The Board of the club considered that the appointment of a CEO was necessary to ensure that the club would continue to grow in an increasingly difficult environment.

Government laws, banning smoking in clubs and hotels from 2nd July 2007 presented the club with a problem. While we would have liked to provide a facility close to the existing bar and gaming machine area, lack of land and possible approval problems, forced us to provide an area outside, near the outside barbeque. Resiting the flagpole and providing covered seating on a decorative base has resulted in a fine addition to the club’s facilities.

The Board continued to upgrade or replace many smaller items of equipment during 2006/07 including a plasma TV, a new refrigerator (the old one was secondhand 17 years ago!), office equipment including a photocopier and computers for both the office and selectors’ room.

A bowls polishing machine and a refrigerated water cooler were installed and have proved very popular.

  • Transfer of all TBC banking facilities to the Turramurra Community Bank.
  • Fire safety requirements.
  • Outdoor BBQ and smoking area including umbrellas/furniture (total cost of approx $35,000). Thanks to Bob Hickey, George Appleby, Albert Blackburn, Albert Browne and Geoff Martz..
  • Upgrades to Membership, Ticket Printing, Poker Machine and Payroll systems.
  • Introduction of plastic membership cards requiring a special printer and revised procedures.
  • Revised Strategic Plan documentation to assist smooth transition between Boards.
  • Introduction of TBC Policies covering Bar, Kitchen and Administration.
  • Internet connection and website.
  • Transfer of accounting system to Quickbooks.
  • Fixed Assets transferred to Quickbooks after depreciation terms set within hospitality (including clubs) guidelines with revised accounting and depreciation periods.
  • Internal account restructure to streamline processing and reporting. This was finally completed after approximately three years but has now been superseded through the introduction of AIFRS resulting in a comprehensive new Annual Report format.

Our kitchen upgrade was completed during 2007 on budget, although it took a little longer than originally planned. George Appleby was in charge of the project and with the help of Albert Browne, Albert Blackburn, Simon Fowler, Bob Hickey, Warwick Hill, Geoff Martz and Tony Simpson did an outstanding job in providing the club with a first class commercial kitchen. Kitchen staff now benefit from new stainless steel walls and benches ($24,602), new flooring, coolroom/freezer ($21,380) and the lower lounge now has a beautiful modern servery counter. The total cost of approximately $150,000 came from our cash reserves and no borrowing was required. This is another example of volunteers giving their time and skills to help the club. Much of the work of so many of our members who give their time in helping to keep the operations of the club going can sometimes go unnoticed.

The Turramurra Women’s Bowling Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary on 20th July 2007 with a magnificent luncheon. A fine history of the Women’s Club since its inception was compiled by Mollie Rayner – refer “History” drop down tab.

The following list, in no particular order, shows other requirements and enhancements to our operations over our financial year ending March 2008.

  • IPART Review. The main purpose of this 15 month long review is to provide for a sustainable club industry into the future.
  • The Registered Clubs Amendment Regulation commenced last year, and provide further detail and support to the changes introduced by the Registered Clubs Amendment Act 2006.
  • Our POS (Point of Sale) system was introduced on 3rd November to improve controls and efficiency and in addition records were transferred to a new Membership system.
  • We were successful in our application for a $45,231 Community Water Grant (CWG) through the Federal Government enabling us to install water tanks, pumps, meters, sensors, etc. plus eleven dual flush enhancements to our toilets, all installed at no cost to the club! This project is estimated to save 965,138 litres of water per year!
  • Introduction and development of Policies covering Admin, Bar and Kitchen.
  • Liquor Act 2007
  • Gaming Machine Act Review

2008/09 – For the first time for a number of years the club has shown a loss (ie. $24,256). The main reason is that our gaming machines have not provided as much return as in previous years.  Gaming machine net clearances down 29% on last year. Depreciation expense increased by $9,826 (11%). While the cause is due to a number of factors, including the smoking ban, the current world wide financial situation is considered the primary cause. The Board bought two new gaming machines in line with our policy of replacing the lowest performing units each year.

We believe that our position remains strong, owning our land and buildings without any borrowings is an enormous advantage as is the fact that our buildings and surrounds are in good shape, ie. not too much needs to be done over the next year or so thus enabling us to retain most of our available funds and therefore ride out the current economic difficulties.

To quote one of many Clubs NSW articles: “Clubs are facing a time of crisis. Too many clubs are finding themselves in a dire financial position due to falling revenues. Revenue is down and is not expected to come back to pre-smoking ban figures for at least two years. Since January 2007 thirty seven (37) clubs have either closed or been forced to amalgamate. Many more are examining their options”.

2009/11 – Gaming – disposal of three gaming machines and the consolidation of the remaining machines into the gaming room occurred May 2010 following two (free) independent reviews obtained from gaming organisations. A further machine was disposed of during November 2010 leaving fourteen (14) machines. A new control and analysis system purchased from Global Gaming Systems (GGI) and installed November 2010 has proven to be ideal for our requirements. Significant changes to Accounting Practices in particular to Building & Property Improvements, Catering Functions & Hires and EBITDARD.

2011/12 – It was good to get outside and “help” Bob Abdallah with our “Shed Rebuilding Project” total cost contained at $22,313 + GST, thanks to Bob and his other helpers Albert Browne, Leigh Burford, Harvey Fuller and Bill Parry.

2012/13 – Appointment of Bryan Rush & Co, a firm specialising in the audit of registered clubs, was approved by members at SGM on 10th November 2012 as was the adoption of a new TBCL Constitution (replacing the previous Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association).

Gaming – A change of policy i.e. the purchase of a second hand rather than new equipment was introduced mainly due to the uncertainty of gaming revenue. Sale of our surplus four entitlements net the Club $34,667.