TBCL - The Second 25 Years

Our historians continue to investigate important events following our 25th Anniversary ie. during the years 1977 to 1981 and these will be included as soon as possible.

Major projects included the installation, during 1982, of a new water service to provide a greater volume of water to the greens. The old wooden retaining wall at the eastern boundary was replaced with a concrete crib wall. A new generator was installed to provide light and power during black-outs.

In 1983 Frank Monaghan became our “first registered coach” and immediately began to pass on his knowledge to our members as well as coaching new members. A tribute to Fred Attwell who, for the past 16 years, had tended the gardens around the Club. Indeed Fred also coached for many years and in particular helped with the improved standard of ladies’ bowls.

1988 saw the completion of the new ladies’ powder room on No. 2 green and the club is greatly indebted to Chairman of Works, Ted Whitehouse, and the many volunteer builders’ labourers who have been responsible for this magnificent edifice.

As President Arthur Hackett reported in 1988 “I would like to end on a personal note, with a brief look back over the years and an optimistic look to the future. Would you believe that I have seen the sun set slowly over the green hills of Turramurra Bowling Club for 18 years? The late Bert Dixon in 1971 talked me into standing for office and it has been a thrill and a pleasure to serve members and enjoy their good fellowship ever since. I am not being immodest when I say I could not wait to become President – it would have to be less demanding than the task of the Senior Vice Chairman!!! This position is now held by the redoubtable Tom Lindsay, who can be seen just about any day at any hour serving your club in any number of capacities. See what I mean about wishing to climb upstairs.

For the future, only one year is left for me to consider office-bearing. So as we all roll relentlessly towards the nineties, what must be our priority? The cash economy will, no doubt, have its part to play, but whether we see out the century as a banana republic or (more lately) the luckiest country, one quality will see us through at TBC – the selflessness of our fine body of men and women. So much has been involved in turning an old house and a diary business into a place I have always entered with a warm inner glow, (no, it’s not the rum, Ted Reynolds). We must always maintain our high standard in well kept gardens and tidy grounds, clipped hedges and clean paintwork, well maintained equipment, and professional floral decorations, eager support for competitions and appreciation of those who devise and run them.

All these things add up to the slogan we have adopted and which now greets each visitor at our ever-open door:  “’The Club’ where there are no strangers, only friends you have never met”. Another slogan attributed to Arthur was “Club with the Most on the East Coast”. This reputation for genuine friendship and concern, which all of us as members try so hard to maintain, is our most important asset.

During 1989 the green at Lady Davidson Hospital was restored to playing standard to be used by our club for any overflow requirements as well as coaching of students from Ku-ring-gaiHigh School. We are indebted to John Coulton, Ted Whitehouse and their willing assistants for the work performed on this green and also our member Keith Robertson, Chairman of Australian Turfgrass Research Institute, and Ian McIvor, for their valuable advice and assistance.

Also during 1989 two properties immediately adjoining our club were offered for sale. After negotiation, a Special Meeting was called to consider the purchase. The members emphatically rejected the proposal and the club withdrew from negotiation.

The first office computer was purchased in 1990, “to quickly produce up to date results”.

The severe storm which struck our area on 21st January 1991, devastating the clubhouse and greens, had some affect on the year’s profitability.

The green at Lady Davidson Hospital has been a disappointment. As reported in 1991 “It is unfortunate that the employee, whose job it is to maintain the green, is not a greenkeeper by trade, and he does not appear to understand the necessities of maintaining a bowling green, and bringing it up to an acceptable playing standard. There is also a problem that the physiotherapist in charge wishes to use it on Wednesday afternoons for patient therapy, and this is the day when it would be most useful to us.” We have no record as to playing or use of this green since.

The year under review to 31st March 1993 was difficult in some respects. During the first six months, normal procedures were somewhat disrupted by alterations and additions to the clubhouse. Due to wonderful cooperation between all members, staff and the builder, only three hours of trading were lost, and the new clubhouse was officially opened by President Arthur Bradley of the Royal New South Wales Bowling Association on 12th September 1992. Immediately following, came the problem with our No. 1 green, which had to be completely rebuilt. Total cost for clubhouse extensions and refurbishing was $701,948, and for green rebuilding $74,671. Our members should be proud of such an achievement. Few bowling clubs are in a position to carry out such projects without borrowings, and still retain a reasonable amount in reserve funds.

A period of consolidation followed until 1997 when several items of capital expenditure were incurred:

Sunshades                                  $32,000
New computer                             $  4,000
New cash register                        $  2,000
New copying machine                  $  4,000
Major maintenance on mowers     $  7,500

The decision of the Board, which was supported by a large majority of members at the General Meeting held on 12 April 1997, to carry out major improvements to the clubhouse is a significant planning achievement. Priorities 1 to 3 of the proposed improvements are listed hereunder together with estimated costs:

Priority 1
                               New lounge
                               New mens’ toilet
                               New selectors’ room
                               Improved poker machine room
                               Bar improvements
                               Estimated Cost:                                     $220,000

Priority 2
                               Construction of an entrance foyer
                               New ladies’ locker room
                               New location for ladies club notices
                               Refurbishment of new office
                               New access for under age persons
                                 and people attending the lower
                               Estimated Cost:                                       $80,000

Priority 3
                               Replacement of windows and wall
                                 facing No 1 green
                               New position for honour boards
                               Estimated Cost:                                       $48,000

Terry Gillett was appointed Building Supervisor and a Building Committee was also appointed comprising Terry Gillett (Chairman), Dorothy McDermott and Geoff Hamilton. These works were completed during 1998. The work of Terry Gillett, as Building Supervisor deserves special mention. His contribution to the successful completion of the clubhouse improvements and the finished standard is due very much to his professional skills and the amount of time which he spent on the job. It would have been extremely difficult for the club to have managed such a complex, detailed task without him.

1997-98 was a great year for the club and everyone can look back over the period with a feeling of tremendous satisfaction and pride. The building improvement programme has given a renewed vitality and interest in the club and the financial growth during the year has been a record, at least in the low interest rate environment period.

A further period of consolidation occurred until 2001 when an automatic irrigation system was installed on the greens at a cost of $28,310, greatly facilitating greens maintenance. A water disbursement system was installed during 2002 at a cost of $20,002.

50th Anniversary celebrations took place in the week from 11th May to 19th May 2002.