Turramurra Womens Bowling Club


Only female members of the Registered Club shall be deemed to be members of the Turramurra Women's Bowling Club hereinafter referred to as “TWBC”. The membership of TWBC shall be divided into the following categories; 

(i)           Bowling Members

(ii)          Life Members

(iii)         Junior Members

(iv)         Associated (ie. Multi) Members

(v)          Non Bowling (Restricted) Members

(vi)         Honorary Members


1.            The TWBC may, with the approval of the Board (such approval not to be arbitrarily or unreasonably withheld) and the New South Wales Women’s Bowling Association, adopt or vary its Constitution to regulate its activities.

2.            The TWBC By-Laws and Regulations set down from time to time will not contravene Playing Regulations set down in Section 7 of this document.

3.            If there is any conflict between any clause in the Constitution and/or By-Laws and Regulations of the TWBC and the Constitution and/or the Registered Club’s By-Laws and Regulations, then the Constitution and/or By-Laws and Regulations as interpreted by the Board of the Club shall be paramount.

4.             The TWBC Management Committee is responsible and accountable for the overall co-ordination, control and reporting of Women’s Bowling activities.



Helen Nagle & Phyl Gregg


Sue Hamilton

Vice Presidents:

Di Taylor & Sandy White


Sue Peattie

Assistant Secretary

Julie Briggs


Judy Jenkins


Julie Briggs, Jeanette Browne & Eva Morris

TWBC Match Committee:

Mary Loo Briggs (Chairperson),  June Hing & Janine Scott

TWBC Selectors:

Marilyn Brenner (Chairperson), Jan Baker, Judy Jenkins, Anne Webb & Yvonne Williams

District Delegates:

Marilyn Brenner & Sandy White

TWBC Social Committee:

Jeanette Staniland (Chairperson), Carol Anne Macauley, Jan Martin, Dorothy McDermott, Robyn Neighbour, Millie Skewes & June Stamp

Publicity Officer:

Jan Baker


Sandy White