Turramurra Bowls & Membership Committee


1. With the support of the Board of the Turramurra Bowling Club Limited;

(a) ensure that the Men’s and Women’s Clubs continue to work in harmony, sharing and utilising appropriate instruction from Bowls Australia, the RNSWBA and NSWWBA.

Note; The Men’s and Women’s Clubs shall remain as the bodies being responsible and accountable for the overall coordination, control and reporting of the Bowling activities for Men and Women respectively (Refer TBCL’s By-laws and Regulations Sections 4 & 5 re-stated for convenience purposes under drop down tabs for TMBC & TWBC respectively).

(b) using appropriate approaches outlined in Bowls Australia ‘The Perfect Delivery’ Kit and the RNSWBAHow to Recruit Successfully’ booklet, to organise Open Days and to publicise and promote other activities necessary to recruit new bowlers, both men and women.

2. To monitor club membership so as to minimise the loss of existing members.

3. To ensure that Mixed Bowling activities are actively promoted and effectively controlled by the Mixed Bowls Match Committee in terms of the TBCL’s By-laws and Regulations Section 6.

4. To liaise with the respective Chairperson of all Sub-Committees concerned with ‘Bowling’ (eg Coaches, Greens, Umpires) to communicate matters of common / mutual interest to ensure that bowling activities are controlled effectively and professionally.

5. To assist the Treasurer, being at least partly accountable for the P&L pertaining to ‘Bowls and Membership’.

6. To maximise usage of our Greens.

7. To monitor, and if necessary, to promote any changes needed to provide playing opportunities for all existing and potential members eg working women, young people and juniors.

8. Report matters of progress and / or importance to the Board at each monthly meeting.


1. An active recruitment programme is to be maintained with records kept and comparisons done month by month to monitor progress. Membership to be addressed in two ways:

(a) By retaining current members where possible.

(b) By attracting new members with the emphasis on a younger age group to comply with the objective of ensuring the long term viability of the Club. The object is not in any way designed to discourage any age group from membership.

2. Communicate to all current members of the Club the need to attract new members and seek assistance with introductions whenever possible.

3. Be aware by collating relevant statistical data showing the make up of current membership including Male / Female - Active / Inactive Bowlers, ages of members, reasons members gained / lost etc.

4. Further develop recruitment methods specifically pertaining to TBC to suit our objectives.

5. Be innovative and flexible in methods to introduce potential new bowlers to the Club.

6. Actively promote the 3rd Sunday MUFTI Bowling and Coaching Day for existing members especially including new bowlers, specific groups and social members (ie potential new bowlers).

7. The Personal Approach is the Way to Go – The clear message from present successes and the past failures is that the personal approach pays off handsomely when recruiting guests for a recruitment day eg. through our bowlers, local groups, social members and special initiatives etc. This personal approach may be supplemented by non-personal promotion eg. letterbox leaflets, posters, advertisements etc.

8. Each Chairperson of pertinent Committees is to provide a brief report on matters of common interest at each meeting.

9. Monitor playing participation to ensure Policy points A7 & A8 above are reviewed regularly. Initiative and flexibility is required in efforts to actively promote games.

10. Determine and promote any changes needed to minimise the overall financial cost in the ‘Bowls & Membership’ segment of Accounts.

11. To remember that less members means less money, less money means poorer facilities, poorer facilities means less membership. People usually only wish to be part of successful organisations – such as the Turramurra Bowling Club.

12. To ensure that we work as one united Bowling Club with the Men assisting the Women, where possible &/or required, and vice versa.

13. Actively promote TBC as the ‘Best Club’.


Note:  It has been decided to dissolve the Committee until further notice with Board members fulfilling requirements at this stage.